The International Clinical Research Center of St. Anne's University Hospital Brno is multidisciplinary center of excellence in translational medical research.

FNUSA-ICRC aims to improve health care and the quality of life through linking clinical care, research and development, education and cooperation with the industrial sector.

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Gene variations affect NAFLD

12. 4. 2021 | Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a disease in which fat...

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Success in a workshop focused on macromolecular crystallography

1. 4. 2021 | At the beginning of March, the University of Cape Town organized...

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Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health

30. 3. 2021 | The international journal Frontiers in Psychiatry published the work of the...

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New database for protein design by artificial intelligence

16. 3. 2021 | With the increasing power of supercomputers, artificial intelligence is penetrating more...

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The national research stroke network STROCZECH celebrated its 1st birthday

10. 3. 2021 | ... and it has awarded 20 stroke centers, 11 study nurses...

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Biostatistics? Statistics focused on biological data

9. 3. 2021 | The new head of the Biostatistics team is MUDr. Michal Šitina...

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